Specimens - any shells as long as member of the phylum Brachiopoda, a group of bottom-dwelling marine invertebrates covered by two valves, or shells; one valve covers the dorsal, or top, side.

mop chips

Clam Shells:

Cardium Enode in 8cm.
Code: JSL720

Codakia Tigerin in 9cm.
Code: JSL717


Lambis Shells:

Lambis Truncata in 8.5cm.
Code: JSL728

Lambis Chiragra in 8cm.
Code: JSL730

Lambis Scorpiu in 7cm.
Code: JSL729

mop chips


mop chips

Murex Shells:

Murex Ramosus in 23cm.
Code: JSC4150

Murex Ramosus in 17cm.
Code: JSL77

Murex Nigritus in 11cm.
Code: JSL727

Murex Indivia in 11 cm.
Code: JSL726

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